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Richard Kerschner


Richard D. Kerschner is an experienced lawyer, strategist, and operating executive, with expertise in growing and repositioning companies within rapidly evolving industries.  He has held leadership roles in market-dominant as well as disruptive companies within the financial technology, trading venues, market utilities, futures exchanges, and mobile communications sectors.

Mr. Kerschner is currently a Senior Advisor with Elixirr, a UK-based global consulting firm, where he partners with key clients to solve their full range of strategic growth challenges.  He also is the Managing Partner of patagon8, through which he advises and partners with early stage and family businesses.  His main advisory areas are strategy design and execution discipline, understanding and explaining businesses, negotiation and negotiation training, funding strategy and stakeholder management, and people strategy.

Mr. Kerschner selectively serves as a member of boards of directors and advisory boards, and has previously served on, and advised, several Fintech boards of directors.  He is currently an independent director and audit committee member of Cloud9 Technologies and an advisory board member of DrumG Financial Technologies.  He also co-chairs the advisory board of the Institute of International Economic Law at Georgetown University, which is dedicated to the application of top academic research and thought to solve real world problems in capital markets.

Mr. Kerschner was born in Argentina and is fluent in Spanish.  He has a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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