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IIEL faculty rank among the most productive and cited in the world on matters of international economic law. Their work spans all of the major disciplines of international economic law—from sovereign debt to financial regulation to international trade and arbitration—and helps shape academic and policy conversations from Washington, D.C. to the global community.

We also contribute to the analysis of today’s most pressing global economic law and policy issues via our in-house Issue Brief publications, and with IIEL books, including the highly popular Legal Aspects of Brexit.

A short sample of faculty research includes:

Bankruptcy, Backwards: The Problem of Quasi-Sovereign Debt

Beyond FATCA: An Evolutionary Moment for the International Tax System

The Dilemma of Odious Debts

Disruptive Technology and Securities Regulation

Financial Crisis Containment

Fintech and the Innovation Trilemma

Forget About the WTO: The Network of Relations between Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) and ‘Double PTAs’

How International Financial Law Works (and How it Doesn’t)

Minority Rules: Precedent and Participation Before the WTO Appellate Body

Renminbi Ascending: How China’s Currency Impacts Global Markets, Foreign Policy, and Transatlantic Financial Regulation

Professor Bob Thompson

IIEL also hosts with the Graduate Institute Geneva, the Journal of International Economic Law.  Published by Oxford University Press, JIEL is dedicated to encouraging thoughtful and scholarly attention to international economic law. One of the leading publications in the field, JIEL leverages preeminence in trade with cutting edge research in new areas of concern including international financial regulation, tax, and monetary affairs.

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