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The IIEL’s reputation in trade, financial regulation, arbitration, tax and transnational business stems directly from the scholarly work and real world contributions of our faculty.

More than any other institute in the field, the IIEL’s instructors are leading scholars and thinkers who routinely participate in the highest level policy discussions on each of the core fields of international economic law. Their writings are in law reviews, think tank policy pieces, op-eds and Congressional testimony consistently, and help shape national and international economic affairs. In the classroom, students gain an insider and cutting edge look into international economic rulemaking.

Alongside IIEL’s accomplished instructors and professional staff are nearly a dozen additional visiting researchers, adjunct and visiting professors who teach international economic law courses for our students.

Chris Brummer

Chris Brummer


International Financial Regulation, International Monetary Affairs, and International Trade

Grant Aldonas

Grant D. Aldonas


International Trade, WTO, International Business Transactions

Lilian Faulhaber

Lilian Faulhaber

International Law, Taxation

Anna Gelpern

Anna Gelpern

International Financial Regulation; Sovereign Debt and International Monetary Affairs

Itai Grinberg

Itai Grinberg

International Tax, International Tax Policy, Tax Reform

Jennifer Hillman

Jennifer Hillman

International Trade, WTO, and International Business Transactions

Joost Pauwelyn | Georgetown University

Joost Pauwelyn

International Trade, International Investment, and Public International Law

Alvaro Santos | Georgetown University

Alvaro Santos

International Trade, Economic Development, Transnational Labor Law and the Future of NAFTA

David Stewart | Georgetown University

David Stewart

International Business, Public International Law and National Security

Robert Thompson | Georgetown Law

Robert Thompson

Business Organizations and Securities Regulation

Anne Marie Whitesell | Georgetown University

Anne Marie Whitesell

International Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, and International Negotiations

Daniel Heath | Georgetown University

Daniel Heath

International Monetary Affairs and International Trade

Michael Gadbaw | Georgetown University Law

Michael Gadbaw

International Trade and International Business

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