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Alumni, business leaders and practitioners derive unparalleled value from the Institute’s Executive
Education programs and extensive global network.

Understanding the issues that drive the evolving global commercial architecture is more important now than ever. The Global Trade Academy (GTA) has long been a pillar of IIEL’s Executive Education program with over a decade of experience in training government, NGO, international organization and private sector leaders the world over.

In November of 2016, IIEL welcomed its 11th GTA cohort for a re-designed program, the “Global Trade Academy: Legal Foundations and New Directions, the WTO & Beyond.” IIEL Board  Member and Lead Academy Co-Chair Grant Aldonas and IIEL’s Director of Programs & External Affairs Christine Washington marshalled a team of Co-Chair and faculty experts to expand the program’s ambit beyond the WTO, encompassing the international trading system writ larger.  The program, which was attended by officials at trade agencies from the United States, Asia and Europe, revisited key questions relating to the relevance and influence of the WTO, as well as investigated its impact on other areas of national, regional and international economic policy.

In addition to international trade, IIEL is expanding its executive education curriculum to include issues relating to fintech, tax and the digital economy—and is expanding its overseas training and human capital development programming.

SJD Degree

Georgetown’s SJD program is ideal for students who are wanting to pursue their interests in a specific area at the very highest academic level.

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