IIEL Faculty Team Up with the Atlantic Council for Press Call on Trump Tariffs

/IIEL Faculty Team Up with the Atlantic Council for Press Call on Trump Tariffs
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Join Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law and the Graduate Institute, Geneva’s Center for Trade and Economic Integration for a conference on resolving disputes in international economic law on July 11th, 2018. The conference will be the 18th year in which the two institutions (the “G2”) have organized summer events, and this year the meeting will take place at Georgetown Law, in anticipation of the Society of International Economic Law’s (SIEL) 6th Biennial Global Conference. (SIEL Program, SIEL Registration).

The G2 conference will explore dispute resolution broadly, comparing insights and strategies from international trade, financial regulation, tax and monetary affairs. Academics from law, economics, and political science, as well as regulators and policymakers, are invited to participate, and we hope to provide exceptional conversations and strong networking opportunities for those in the field.

Conference highlights include:

Keynote address by Ricardo Ramirez, Former Chairman, WTO Appellate Body;
Screening of “China: The New Silk Road” episode from the Foreign Policy Association/PBS’ “Great Decisions” series, featuring discussion and Q&A with leading global experts; and panels on
Are Europe’s Digital Taxes and U.S. Tax Reforms (Economically Equivalent to) Subsidies—and are they Compliant with WTO Law?;
Can International Economic Law Accommodate Populism?; and
Strategies by Which Countries are Making and Taking Innovation.
We hope to see you in Washington on July 11th! RSVP Now and contact IIEL with any questions.

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