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Connect with leading international economic opinion and decision-makers in Washington, DC

As both an academic and policy-research organization, the IIEL prides itself on both rigor and thoughtful analysis. Widely respected in Washington, DC and beyond, IIEL consistently engages many of the top private and public sector leaders in the country and acts as a formidable convener in the city. As a result, a variety of organizations have worked alongside IIEL to promote its work, from leading law firms to think tanks and international organizations and government officials.

As IIEL broadens its activities, we are looking to deepen our engagement with likeminded organizations seeking to either explain or explore issues of common concern. While fiercely committed to maintaining its academic independence and hard fought credibility, IIEL’s faculty is deeply embedded in private and public policy conversations and the organization is seeking to create new partnerships to deepen understanding in finance, monetary, tax and trade matters. Among our upcoming streams of work include creating new digital media to engage policymakers and market participants, and leveraging our student and research capabilities to bear down in more detail on highly technical though poorly understood issue areas concerning law and the global economy. Part of the task ahead includes the creation of a new IIEL Board of Directors to help engage interested stakeholders.

Georgetown-Geneva Conference on WTO Law, Geneva, Switzerland

Programming partners have recently included:

■ Americans for Financial Reform
■ Atlantic Council
■ Cassidy, Levy Kent LLP
■ Cato Institute
■ Davis Polk LLP
■ Gibson, Dunn LLP
■ Inter-American Bar Association
■ Milken Institute
■ Moody’s
■ PayPal
■ Oxford University Press
■ Peterson Institute
■ Salzburg Seminar
■ Thomson Reuters
■ United Steelworkers
■ Wilmer Hale
■ World Bank
■ United Nations

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