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Certificate in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Georgetown offers a certificate program in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution which reflects the growing importance of arbitration and dispute resolution internationally and addresses the desire of students to signal their interest and expertise in this field to employers by achieving a certificate. This certificate, offered, to students enrolled in a full LL.M. degree program, and offers students prospective coursework in commercial arbitration, investor-state dispute resolution, and international investment arbitration. For more information about the certificate, please click here.

Certificate in International Taxation

Georgetown University Law Center offers a Certificate program in the increasingly important field of International Taxation. The Certificate in International Taxation consists of a dozen or more courses offered annually, all taught by a distinguished faculty, many affiliated with IIEL, comprised of full-time professors, leading practitioners from law firms, accounting firms and industry, as well as senior officials from the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. The curriculum covers all aspects or practice within the field, with courses that are both current and practical in their focus.

For more information about the Certificate in International Taxation, please contact:

Stafford Smiley
Professor and Faculty Director – Graduate Tax Program
600 New Jersey Avenue NW
Hotung 5022
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 662-9906

Certificate in WTO Studies

Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) offers Georgetown students the opportunity to obtain a certificate evidencing special competence in World Trade Organization (WTO) studies in addition to their respective degrees. Students will not be admitted solely for the WTO Studies Certificate program. (The certificate is not a diploma and it does not change the title of the degree students are pursuing at Georgetown Law.)

The WTO Studies Certificate is available to students earning a J.D. or LL.M. at the Law Center. Students earning an S.J.D. at the Law Center, and students earning graduate degrees in other related subjects at Georgetown University who are eligible to enroll in courses at the Law Center, may obtain the WTO Studies Certificate by permission of the Institute. Students must complete all of their degree requirements to receive a WTO certificate, along with completing all Certificate-specific requirements.
The requirements for the WTO Studies Certificate are:

Successful completion of 12 credits of coursework on WTO-related subjects, selected from the list of WTO Certificate Courses. The latest list of qualifying courses is available at this link.
Approval by IIEL of a research paper on a WTO law subject that you have written or will write in one of your WTO Certificate Courses. The Certificate requires a scholarly paper of at least 6,000 words (not including footnotes, usually approximately 25 pages).
Participation in four activities at Georgetown Law or outside the Law Center related to international trade during the student’s course of study (such as attending conferences, congressional, administrative or court hearings, or other similar events).
Maintenance of an overall grade point average of “B” (3.0) or higher.
* Please note:

Successful completion of a basic international law course, either at the Law Center or elsewhere, is a prerequisite for the WTO Studies Certificate; this qualifying course does not count toward the 12 credits required for the WTO Studies Certificate.
Academic credit transferred from other institutions and/or graduate programs will not count toward the 12 credits required for the WTO Studies Certificate, without written approval from IIEL.
Students who wish to pursue the WTO Studies Certificate should complete and submit the WTO Certificate Notification Form (available on the IIEL’s website) as soon as possible upon commencement of one’s degree program. Earlier submission allows for more planning time and increased levels of dialogue with the Institute. That said, applications to participate in the WTO Certificate program are accepted throughout the academic year.
Please contact Christine Washington, IIEL’s Director of Programs & External Affairs, with any questions at cqw@georgetown.edu.

Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) Further information, FAQs and the WTO Certificate Application Form are here.

SJD Degree

Georgetown’s SJD program is ideal for students who are wanting to pursue their interests in a specific area at the very highest academic level.

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